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We are iterati, a BOUTIQUE design studio. We do digital product, service, UX and brand design. End-to-end. NO shortcuts.

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Recent Work

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A time for reflection

Devika is an experienced user researcher who Deepak worked with on and off over the last 10-12 years. In April 2023, she approached us to see if…

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Humanising Law and Justice

Miriam came to us through Deepak’s old colleague Devika who is a user researcher. Miriam is an experienced human rights lawyer. She wanted to es…

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Eating our own dog food

When Roopal and I finally decided to take the plunge to start Stoodio Iterati, we wanted to do it right. I wanted to capture her vision, desire,…

Kudos from partners

Devika Ganapathy

Founder, Researcher, Anagram Research, India

“In addition to a great design sensibility, Deepak is a very approachable and collaborative designer.

I have enjoyed working with him over the years – I first worked with him, as a colleague at Yahoo! and most recently during a research conference (RoohSearch 2023) that was put together as a voluntary effort to strengthen and energize the user research community in India.

Despite being busy with his own new venture Stoodio Iterati, Deepak chipped in on coming up with an amazing name for the conference, as well as creating a design language and logo. In addition, he managed the effort to create a conference website. And all this was completed in an aggressive timeline of 2 weeks!

While we were blown away by his creativity, what stood out was his calm and assured manner of working with a rather chaotic set of volunteers and an aggressive timeline.”

Miriam Chinnappa

Executive Director and Co-founder, Centre for Law and Transformative Change (CLTC), Belgium

“We, at the Centre for Law and Transformative Change (CLTC), have been immensely fortunate to work with the dynamic duo at Stoodio Iterati. Deepak and Roopal have been an integral part of CLTC right from the inception stage. They have helped us shape the organisation by skillfully transferring their design and branding expertise and knowledge.

We have benefitted from Deepak’s cutting-edge mastery as a designer in developing our unique and artistic CLTC logo and tagline. The logo dexterously and cleverly embodies the overall vision and mandate of CLTC. Above all, the logo stands out as a powerful symbol of the impact we seek to achieve in the international justice development sector. The logo is a testament to Deepak’s brilliant design mind.

In addition to being aligned to a user-friendly approach to design, the Stoodio Iterati team are spot-on professionals who respect timelines, promptly follow up on decisions made and execute them efficiently. They have strategically guided us at every step of the website branding to access a broader engagement with our target audience.

We are grateful for our partnership with Stoodio Iterati. They stand out for their design empathy and professionalism throughout the process of ideation, generating mindful and creative solutions.

We will continue to source Stoodio Iterati’s state-of-the-art expertise in UX/UI and digital product design in our global projects, as we use digital technology to strengthen access to justice.”

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