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We DESIGN digital products & services people ADORE and businesses thrive on

We are an ingenious tribe of experts with eclectic skills in design, research and technology. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, we’ll partner with you to identify problems, discover opportunities and help you create business impact through design. And our process will make it look like a piece of cake.


Iterati was conceived in 2022, stoked by curiosity and a strong desire to try something new with freedom and autonomy. We wanted to challenge ourselves as free-thinking, creative individuals. We asked ourselves;

“How can we democratise design as a powerful tool of deliberate transformation for business and society?” and;

"How can we positively impact the constantly evolving lifestyles of people through timeless, ethical and human-centred design?”

The answer we hope is Stoodio Iterati.


We generally let our gut rule, but some things we hold close to our hearts. Like,

  1. Lead change as partners, not service providers.
  2. Be transparent, direct, and connect deeply.
  3. Be holistic, start with the big picture.
  4. Probe, before you propose.
  5. Focus on measurable outcomes, not just deliverables.
  6. Constantly evolve, build expertise, and pay it forward.
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core TEAM

As they say, it takes two to tango. Neither Deepak nor Roopal could have pulled it off alone. They bring complementary skills to Stoodio Iterati. Deepak brings years of hard-won skills in design and Roopal aces it with her top-notch communication and event management skills.

DEEPAK pakhare

Chief of DESIGN

ROOPAL pakhare

Chief of EVERYTHING else

No harm in seeing if we are a MATCH…